Search of climber Boyan Petrov officially terminated

Photo: private library

Bulgarian climber Boyan Petrov has been missing since 3 May in an unidentified place near the summit of Shishapangma in the Himalayas. Since then a few rescue operations have failed to locate him. Earlier today the search continued with a helicopter but traces of the climber were not found.

Unfortunately we did not find Boyan, but we can now go back home knowing that everything that is possible has been done. I should like to thank Boyan’s ten friends who financed this flight yesterday; to the incredible rescue group and the organization of rescue efforts by China; to the brave pilots from Simrikair, as well as to all Bulgarians, persons and institutions who helped to make all this happen! God rest Boyan’s soul!” This is what Boyan Petrov’s friend and participant in the search Kiril Petkov wrote on his Facebook account. 

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