Procedure launched to grant Buzludzha monument cultural monument status

Photo: BGNES

A procedure has been initiated, via the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture, to grant the monument on Buzludzha peak cultural monument status.

The monument, erected in the 1980s as a “Bulgarian Communist Party House”, has fallen into disrepair. That is the reason why experts from the international organization Europa Nostra have listed it among the 7 Most Endangered heritage sites in Europe in 2018.

The monument should obtain culture monument status, and quickly, so that money can be raised for its conservation from EU funds. During an inspection of the crumbling monument a few days ago, Laurent Lévi-Strauss, former Deputy Director of the Division of Cultural Heritage at UNESCO stated that after conservation, the monument can be given special status, similar to that of the Auschwitz concentration camp, or of the building in Hiroshima which survived the atomic bombings.

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