Chinese investors' interest in Bulgarian agriculture on the rise


Chinese farming entrepreneurs in Bulgaria are mostly focused on growing grain, corn, and grapes. For example, the company owned by young businessman Tseng Tson possesses over 4,000 acres of grapes in the region of Lom (Northwestern Bulgaria). He bought the land with the vineyards there five years ago, without having any prior experience in this activity. "We came here, climbed to the highest spot, saw the Danube and then we made up own minds” explains  Zheng Zhong.

Since late last year Zhong has started production of Bulgarian wine, which he exports to the Chinese market. He is planning to have his own wine cellar within 2 years. "We exported some 40-50,000 bottles of wine at the end of last year, and more shipments are expected," he adds.

According to experts, Chinese investors are attracted by the low taxes in Bulgaria. "The lack of heavy industry leads to the conclusion that our country is ecologically clean. In means that one can produce here very high-quality outputs," say officials from the Association for the Promotion of Agricultural Cooperation between China and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, quoted by a Bulgarian private national TV channel.

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