Bulgarian Treasury - stunning journey through Bulgaria's history, nature and culture

In Sofia on March 12, in the Union of Architects in Bulgaria the bilingual edition (in Bulgarian and English) of “Bulgarian Treasury” – 450 pages and over 1,000 color photographs revealing interesting and little known natural and historical monuments in Bulgaria, was presented. It is the work of journalists, photographers and, most of all, enthusiastic travelers Nikolay Genov and Rumyana Nikolova.

The authors of many books about exotic places in the world, however, say that books about Bulgaria are the most sought after.

“This is the second such book. When the album ‘Bulgaria: Nature, Man, Civilizations’ came out, there were so many topics and photos left that we decided to collect them in a new book. And we are glad to see that there are enough photos for a third book, which may become our future goal. Bulgaria has its rich history, it is a geographic crossroads of civilizations, and many peoples with their own culture lived on these lands. A great number of artifacts have been collected and it would be good if the world learned about them, as not enough is known,” Nikolay Genov says.

"In Bulgaria one can travel not only across its territory but back in time,” Rumyana Nikolova says. “Few countries around the world can offer such an abundance and variety of historical monuments and beautiful nature. We should not only be proud of being born in such a place, but also appreciate it, love it and work in order for Bulgaria to thrive and continue writing glorious history.”

The two authors tell in bright photographs about the Neolithic houses near Stara Zagora, the dawn of European civilization, the oldest processed gold in the world, natural phenomena, traditions and many others. The album also includes information about Bulgarian heritage part of the UNESCO list.

“In Bulgarian Treasury we have gathered everything that shows Bulgaria’s value in world’s history and planet’s nature,” Rumyana Nikolova says. “These are objects, historical facts, natural phenomena that make our country unique. Today, we can see traces of past times when our planet's life was born; we can find traces of cataclysms that occurred on another continent millions of years ago. The Graecopithecus, which stands at the beginning of human evolutionary chain, has also left traces here. All this, as well as many other facts could fill a huge treasure house worthy of being seen by the world and appreciated by it.”

Until March 15 in Hall 1 of the Union of Architects visitors can also enjoy an exhibition with 27 selected photos from the album.

“We wanted to include a variety of churches, frescoes, prehistoric monuments, gold and silver treasures from Thracian times, Bulgarian traditions like fire-dancers, kukeri, etc. The exhibition provides a glimpse of the whole country. I am glad that exhibitions dedicated to Bulgaria are being organized so our priceless treasures could stay at home and not travel across the world to be exhibited. We owe much to our history and nature and we need to show the beauty of Bulgaria,” Nikolay Genov says.

“It is for us, Bulgarians, as well as for the whole of the world,” Rumyana Nikolova says. "This should be the reason for us to live joyful lives here; to see the treasures we have and to do our best to preserve and multiply them. For the world the message is: come and see Bulgaria with its precious beauties, treasures and interesting historical monuments!”

Two extremely successful exhibitions in Brazil, a huge circulation of the previous album and its publishing in a French-English version during an exhibition dedicated to Bulgaria in the Louvre back in 2015, have brought satisfaction to Nikolay Genov and Rumyana Nikolova with their truly successful project.

English: Alexander Markov

Photos: private library

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