Nadpyavane folklore singing contest – hallmark of Hristo Botev channel of BNR

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On April 9 at 7.30 pm Studio 1 of the Bulgarian National Radio hosts the gala concert of the laureates of the folklore singing contest Nadpyavane 2018-2019. Julia Gatderova and Magdalena Stoyanova from Folklore Music section of Hristo Botev channel host the event. Twelve winners were selected in the voting of the radio listeners, including Valeri Dimchev (mandolin player and composer), Slavey Quartet, Bulgarian folklore singer Hristina Anastasova, etc. This year a big prize was bestowed posthumously on renowned Bulgarian singer Dinka Ruseva. Before reaching the exciting final, five new proposals are presented in Zhiva Voda radio show each month of the previous year and listeners are urged to vote for their favorite. This is a wonderful opportunity for the numerous fans of traditional Bulgarian music to get acquainted with the young performers in Bulgaria’s folklore field, the modern trends in the Bulgarian folklore genres, and meanwhile to remember the classics that left a golden trace in this country’s culture. The name of the singing competition was not chosen accidentally. Singing and playing contests have existed in Bulgaria since time immemorial and despite the historical changes that occurred in Bulgaria through the centuries, they remain a favorite form of expression for the contemporary folk singers. Julia Gatderova is the chief organizer of Nadpyavane singing contest. Although Julia works as a music editor and host at the Bulgarian National Radio, she has not abandoned her music career of folklore singer. Her music suggestions take into consideration different styles ad genres and the feasts of the Bulgarian folklore calendar. Julia Gatderova told Radio Bulgaria details: 

Nadpyavane singing contest began eight years ago. It was launched by Ilka Dimitrova in Samo Novo (Only New) radio show. Later, Valentin Atanasov developed the idea of the singing contest. In the past six years I have been also contributing to the development of this music format. There isn’t any other folklore music ranking on the Bulgarian radio airwaves like this one. I would like to see Nadpyavane singing contest become even more popular among Bulgarian radio listeners and folklore musicians. The listeners have to make a difficult choice, because we offer large diversity of genres and styles. A large number of performers are included in the singing contest – soloists, chamber formations, orchestras, ensembles, etc. Each month we usually present different names. We try to discover patterns that offer new interpretation of folklore and author’s music based on folklore. The competition for the first place is always severe and sometimes we select two winners. To me all people who create in this field, despite the multiple difficulties, are winners. They continue an imperishable Bulgarian tradition with dedication and inspiration. All who love Bulgarian folklore music are invited to attend the concert. It will be broadcast live on Hristo Botev channel and the internet platform of the Bulgarian National Radio “Binar”. As always the Folk Music Orchestra of the Bulgarian National Radio conducted by Dimiar Hristov will be our partner. The guest soloists, including Bulgarian folklore singer Tanya Miteva and Ermena Vocal Quartet, are very colorful. We will present three young and talented musicians- Antonio Simeonov, Gergana Gerginova and Emanuela Stoykova. The audience must be seated by 7.30 pm. The concert is free of charge.

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