Poll asking Bulgarians abroad what would bring them back

Market Links Agency and the Movement for National Cause NGO are organizing a survey among Bulgarians living abroad. The survey will be carried out by volunteers on the day of the European Elections, in polling sections of as many EU countries as possible. The purpose of the survey is to find out what would make Bulgarians return to Bulgaria and what are the obstacles to making such a decision. The poll will be active online, too, a week before May 26th. The NGO has been preparing a platform called "BULGARIA WANTS YOU", which wants to create a connection between business and Bulgarians around the world by providing opportunities for work and living in Bulgaria.

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Protest car rally in Sofia against high fuel prices

A car rally has taken place downtown Sofia and on one of the main boulevards of the city, protesting against high fuel prices. For a month, international market prices have been falling, while in Bulgaria prices have been rising. We have informed..

published on 6/13/19 7:34 PM

Bulgarian Justice Minister to resign if EC monitoring over Bulgaria is not dropped by October

Bulgarian Minister of Justice Danail Kirilov said he would resign if the Co-operation and Verification Mechanism for Bulgaria was not dropped by the end of the mandate of the current European Commission. Minister Kirilov explained that he had declared..

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Sofia has failed to become seat of European Labor Authority

Bratislava is the new headquarters of the European Labor Authority, the EU's Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council has decided. 15 out of 28 votes went for the capital of Slovakia. Nicosia received 7 votes, and Sofia and..

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