A wall of Bulgarian letters in Havana’s tourist street

Photo: mfa.bg

A "Bulgarian" wall has emerged in the popular Jaimanitas neighbourhood in Havana, Cuba. On the wall, covered with mosaics, one can see letters from the Cyrillic alphabet, the St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral in Sofia, traditional Bulgarian spring symbols like storks and “martenitsa”, the emblematic Bulgarian rose, and fragments of typical ceramics from the town of Troyan. The images are the work by famous Cuban artist José Fuster, who added to the Bulgarian symbols his own "reserved characters" and symbols of Cuba like the royal palm, a crocodile and rooster. "The wall has become an expression of love for a country I have never visited, but which has always part of my imagination, in such an extent that when I worked on the projects, I could smell the aroma of the wonderful Bulgarian rose," José Fuster said. The wall was presented by the Embassy of Bulgaria in Havana on the occasion of the Day of Bulgarian Education and Culture and the Slavonic Scripture.

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