Bulgaria with ambitions to become regional leader in terms of climate policies by 2030

Photo: greenpeace.org

Greenpeace - Bulgaria and For the Earth environmental association have welcomed Bulgaria's decisive step to support the overall goal of a carbon neutral EU economy by 2050. This happened at the European Council in Brussels in June when one of the debate topics was tackling the climate crisis. Days earlier, Prime Minister Borissov said that climate change was a fact and added that Bulgaria would advocate for ambitious environmental goals. "Support for neutral carbon emissions by 2050 is a bold goal, showing that Bulgaria can catch up and become one of the leaders in climate policy in the region by discarding coal from energy production by 2030 and create concrete plans for the development of renewable sources and a fair energy transition for regions dependent on the coal industry. A few days ago, Slovakia declared 2023 as its final year in the use of coal for energy purposes," Genadi Kondarev of “For the Earth" association.

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