Exhibition with artefacts from the tomb of Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun unveiled in Burgas

Photo: BTA

The State Opera in Burgas hosts the exhibition Tutankhamun-an Unfinished Love Story. The exhibition shows the tomb of the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun and presents for the first time in Bulgaria the treasures and sarcophagus with the mummy of the Egyptian ruler. The exposition will be on display in Burgas until the end of September. The exhibition has around 100 artifacts which resemble to near perfection what was found in the tomb of the pharaoh who remained in history as the Boy King. The exhibits are grouped in several thematic corners – The “Antechamber” or the “Chamber of Power and Authority”, “The Golden Throne” – also called the “Masterpiece Chamber”, “Burial Chamber”, “Treasury” and “Gilded Altar”. The exhibits are replica of authentic finds. The exhibition was on display in many countries across the globe, but it has arrived in Bulgaria for the first time with the support of Burgas Municipality.

Photos: BTA


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