Jivko Petrov and his new album “TEN”

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Melodic, subtle, romantic... These are just some of the words that can describe the new solo album by jazz pianist Jivko Petrov. For more than 20 years he has been one of the leading Bulgarian musicians, characterized by strong sensitivity. Composer, performer, and arranger, Jivko Petrov has always been able to attract the listener’s attention in an unobtrusive way through his piano. The jazz pianist has been working with some of the biggest Bulgarian pop and jazz singers: Lili Ivanova, Beloslava, Hilda Kazasyan, Orlin Pavlov, Lyubo and others. But he always finds time for creating his own music. His talent is undeniable and this fact is once again proven by his new project entitled "TEN"

"My first solo album called After 4, was paying my respect to the great classical masters. In TEN, I present ten personal stories I've lived through last year. I feel that I am 100% true to myself in this album. In it, music is at the crossroads between jazz and pop, as the last two pieces are entirely classical. I love playing with melody. This is a leading aspect in my philosophy. ‘After 4’ is mostly classic as a sound and finishes slightly jazzy, as each track has its own development and dynamics. It is the other way round in the new album. This way I close a circle. Here the music is more relaxed and can be listened to as a single piece. The subheading of the CD is ‘The silence in between...’ and I mean the silence between the tones. A musician who can capture the silence between the sounds he creates, experiences the ultimate happiness."

In this album Jivko Petrov has worked with various professionals in order to achieve what he had been striving for. Among them are sound engineer Hristo Karagyozov, Stratzimir Dimitrov – mastering, Tina Halkova – photos and many others of his friends who have partnered with Jivko for the realization of the album.

Soon after the release of the album, the jazzman presented it to a narrow circle of music connoisseurs. The official premiere of “TEN” will take place on August 30, at the Apollonia Arts Festivals in Sozopol. After that, Jivko Petrov will have a concert tour to more than ten cities in the country to promote the album. The last of these concerts will take place in Sofia on December 18 in the National Palace of Culture – Lumiere Cinema.

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