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Nearly 40 boats of different length and number of crew take part, August 15 through 18, in the 19th edition of the “Cor Caroli iCard” sailing regatta. This year for the first time the regatta started from Port Varna, instead of Burgas and will finish southwards at Port Burgas.  Photo: BTA

Colorful waste bins in the form of funny animals appeared along the main street of the town of Sliven. The initiative of the municipality is targeted at children and aims at encouraging their responsible attitude towards the environment. Many more of these funny bins are yet to be placed in different parts of the town.  Photo: sliven.bg

A visiting collection of drawings by masters from Italy, France and Holland from the 18-19 centuries opened at the Forum Gallery in the town of Haskovo. The collection is owned by the Plovdiv City Gallery and the works were donated to the gallery by the French College of St. Augustin. The college functioned in Plovdiv until 1948.  Photo: BTA

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A day in pictures

The first electric scooters for shared usage were presented in Sofia today. There are 150 scooters at the disposal of the citizens of the capital city and 58 parking sites in the broad center of Sofia. The number of parking areas for..

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A day in pictures

“Tonight the almighty  Metallica  will perform in front of more than 70.000 people in Warsaw and I’m honoured to have been invited to create the official screen printed poster for the show.” This is what Bulgarian..

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A day in pictures

Atanassovsko Lake is an attractive place for guests from near and far but among the most exciting of them are the numerous flamingos who have settled in the quiet and secure basins in the northern part of the lake. This year ornithologists have..

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