"On the seventh day go neither to the café, nor the pub..."

Photo: park-vitosha.org

On the last Sunday of August, Bulgarian tourists celebrate the anniversary of organized tourism in Bulgaria. It started on August 27, 1895 with climbing of Vitosha’s Cherni Vrah (2290m) by over 300 enthusiasts.

Organizer of the hike back then was renowned Bulgarian writer Aleko Konstantinov, who was also a great lover of nature. He was the first to claim that when it came to natural beauties Bulgaria is not behind countries like Switzerland and other favorite destinations for tourists... "On the seventh day go neither to the café, nor the pub..." Aleko once wrote. Many Bulgarians still follow his advice today, especially on the last Sunday in August. For yet another year there is an organized hike to Cherni Vrah and a concert there.

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