Tomić Psalter exhibited in Bulgaria for the first time

Photo: BGNES

The Tomić Psalter, one of the most valuable manuscripts preserved since the Middle Ages, is to be exhibited in Sofia for the first time. The valuable relic from the "second golden age" of Bulgaria leaves for the first time the archives of the State Museum of History in Moscow and will be exhibited until December 8 at the National Archaeological Museum of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The event marks the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Academy. The prayer book created by monks from the Tarnovo School is in Old Bulgarian language. It is made of 301 sheets of paper and is illustrated with 109 magnificent miniatures. With its rich illustrations, the Tomić Psalter, together with the Manasius Chronicle and the London Gospel, is one of the most important literary monuments left from the time of Tsar Ivan Alexander (14th century). The work was discovered in 1901 by the Serbian professor Sima Tomic, whose name it bears. Deputy Director of the Moscow State History Museum, Andrei Yanovski, said the psalter was coming to Bulgaria after a long 10-year-long restoration.

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