Rosen Kukosharov and his debut album “But a Dream”

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For more than twenty years, Rosen Kukosharov has been involved in music professionally. He sings, writes lyrics for various Bulgarian stars and has worked with singers such as Lili Ivanova, Maria Ilieva, Orlin Pavlov and other top names from the local pop scene. He has had the opportunity to be on the same stage with Jamiroquai, together with Freestyle as a warm-up band. Rosen has released several singles, which have won him four awards from the BNR Bulgarian Pop and Rock Competition - Spring. This autumn the musician released his first solo album, entitled “But a Dream”

“These are songs that I had been collecting for quite some time. Some of them also underwent stylistic metamorphoses. Of course, the album also has brand new compositions created especially for it. After all, it is one of my incarnations as a musician. In But a Dream, I have focused more on jazz music and there are quite a few improvisation solos, as all the musicians I've worked with have a big contribution. It was a great challenge to deal technically with this free area of improvisation. For me, this album is a dream come true. My goal was not just to release an album, but to show something with it, as well as my desire to work together with my brother, Milen Kukosharov. He has his place in the jazz community and for m, as a younger brothe, it was something unattainable to work with him, but this has happened too.”

The album contains eight compositions by Rosen Kukosharov. In addition to songs in English, he has also included two songs in Bulgarian. They are known to the Bulgarian audience after the awards that he has won with them. The main reason for the album to sound "jazzy" is not only the participation of his brother, who is one of the most prominent jazz pianists in Bulgaria, but also thanks to Dimitar Karamfilov (double bass) and Vasil Vutev (percussion). All the lyrics are written by the performer and his brother played an important role in the arrangements.

“The song, which gave the name of the album But a Dream has interesting lyrics. In it I have borrowed from various tales like The Little Prince, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland... Inside there are the themes of the child who is opposed to growing up and people striving to preserve the child inside.”

Ivan Boshev is the person who recorded and mastered the album. He also stands behind the project as a co-producer, along with Milen Kukosharov - the main engine behind its realization.

The official presentation of Rosen Kukosharov's debut album But a Dream was in Plovdiv a few days ago, at the fifth edition of the Plovdiv Jazz Fest.

Author: Sibila Lilova

English: Alexander Markov

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