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Wine tours in Bulgaria: Love at first sip

What do the vine and wine regions in Bulgaria have to offer? Vassil Zlatev from a wine tour company explains: “There are five separate wine-growing regions in Bulgaria. The biggest, as regards number of wineries is the Thracian Valley ...

08.08.17 в 10:31 |

Foreigners learning the Bulgarian language as a second language

In figures from the Institute for Bulgarian Language at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in Sofia, roughly 15 million people across the globe speak Bulgarian. On the eve of the Day of Bulgarian Education and Culture May 24, we look into a..

23.05.17 в 13:28 |

The HEROES awards: for people who show the best of themselves

At a special ceremony on 11 May at the DNK (DNA) hall for contemporary arts, the largest online volunteer platform in Bulgaria TimeHeroes awarded the prizes to its HEROES. This was the first edition of the awards and their goal is to single out..

12.05.17 в 14:08 |

Bulgarian product raises children’s interest towards mathematics

Students who are impatient for the maths class to start – this is the result of the Jumpido system, created by Kiril Rusev, Deyan Russev and Nikola Kosev. More about the system from Kiril: “Jumpido is an educational system that facilitates..

09.04.17 в 09:35 |

ENHANCV, une appli qui facilite la vie des demandeurs d’emplois et des employeurs

En troisième année à l’université, Volen Valkov part, grâce au programme Erasmus pour l’Allemagne. Là il peut rester pour un deuxième semestre, mais sans bourse. Volen décide de tenter sa chance et commence à chercher du travail en remplissant..

14.03.17 в 11:42 |
Sylvia Petrova

Bulgarian software business has registered significant growth for past 10 years

After ten years of EU membership software business in Bulgaria is the best performing sector of the IT industry in this country. This is what data by independent consulting company CBN Pannoff, Stoytcheff& Co. show. The company has been..

19.02.17 в 10:05 |

Une compagnie bulgare travaille dans 56 pays sur 7 continents

International Power Supply (IPS) est une compagnie avec plus 30 années d’expérience dans l’élaboration et la construction  de systèmes d’alimentation électrique utilisés dans les télécommunications, l’énergie et la défense, tout comme dans la production..

26.01.17 в 12:49 |

New technology: both ally and enemy of kids

Kids born after the year 2000 – Generation Z, are growing up in times when virtual reality is just a pair of 3D glasses away and the internet has grown into a necessity and a shadow of everyone. Every coin though has two sides. Apart from the..

05.12.16 в 11:56 |

Is there a potential for the Bulgarian fashion industry?

Iren Dikova is a young Bulgarian designer and fashion expert. She has graduated interior design from a prestigious university in Milan, Italy and upon her return to Bulgaria she started work on different interior design projects, theatrical..

13.11.16 в 09:05 |

Le Sofia24run réunit des Sofiotes au grand cœur…

A l’occasion de la journée de la ville de Sofia, le 17 septembre, et alors que les Jeux paralympiques battent son plein à Rio, dans le contexte de la Semaine européenne des sports, la capitale bulgare organise le Sofia 24run , une initiative..

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