Резултати : author Natalia Ganchovska

Tax Freedom Day in Bulgaria falls on 4 May 2018: Institute for Market Economics

We shall be working 4 months this year to fill up the state treasury, analysts from the Institute for Market Economics say. Every year they calculate how much Bulgarians have to pay for the services the state offers. “This year Tax Freedom..

02.01.18 в 10:49 |

Traffic restrictions for heavy duty trucks imposed nationwide

Due to the snowfall, traffic for heavy duty trucks (over 12 tons) is restricted along the Troyan-Kurnare road. No restrictions are in place for the passes Aitos, Kotel, Obzor, Pechinsko, Prevala, Rozhen and the Pass of the Republic...

17.12.17 в 14:46 |

Small business needs less bureaucracy

Fledgling businesses and businesses that have been functioning for over one year cannot be put on a similar basis, Chairman of the Association Professional Forum for Education Yurij Andjekarski told Horizont channel of the Bulgarian National Radio:..

04.08.17 в 11:07 |