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Tax Freedom Day in Bulgaria falls on 4 May 2018: Institute for Market Economics

We shall be working 4 months this year to fill up the state treasury, analysts from the Institute for Market Economics say. Every year they calculate how much Bulgarians have to pay for the services the state offers. “This year Tax Freedom..

02.01.18 в 10:49 |

103 million Leva earmarked for renovations in Sofia, city centre to undergo rehabilitation

The 2018 draft budget of Bulgaria’s capital city Sofia envisages 103 million Leva for repair work and maintenance of the city’s infrastructure. Street repairs of inner neighbourhood streets and tramway are also planned, said Sofia’s Deputy..

01.01.18 в 16:51 |
Left to right: The ministers of health, social policy and finance - Kiril Ananiev, Biser Petkov and Vladislav Goranov

National budget for 2018 now in effect

The new national budget comes into effect today. It envisages a deficit of 1 billion 100 million Leva, even though last year the treasury ended the year with a surplus of close to 800 million Leva. According to the parametres of the 2018..

01.01.18 в 15:31 |

Higher pay for teachers, army personnel and unemployed in 2018

As is customary, the new year is a time for change in different spheres. As of today, the minimum monthly wage will go up to 510 Leva. Maternity benefits during the second year will go up to 380 Leva, as will disability allowances...

01.01.18 в 12:17 |

Bulgaria takes over Presidency of the Council of the EU

As of today, Bulgaria is taking over the rotating Presidency of the Council of the EU. Up until June, this country will host a number of forums, focusing on priority spheres like security, enlargement of the EU in the direction of the Western..

01.01.18 в 10:38 |

Large-scale police operation in Sofia continues

The large-scale police operation, during which eight people were detained late last night, continues today. Some of the people arrested were detained in the vicinity of Trakia highway in the outskirts of the city. The Interior Ministry has declined..

17.09.17 в 11:08 |

International Jazz Festival in Bansko opens on 5 August

This year’s International Jazz Festival in Bansko offers a host of surprises, with a lineup of foremost musicians and singers from the East as well as from the West, says Dr. Emil Iliev, organizer of the world acclaimed music forum in Bansko, which..

04.08.17 в 16:48 |

Small business needs less bureaucracy

Fledgling businesses and businesses that have been functioning for over one year cannot be put on a similar basis, Chairman of the Association Professional Forum for Education Yurij Andjekarski told Horizont channel of the Bulgarian National Radio:..

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