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Taking advantage of the elements: Kitesurfing on the snowy meadows near Varna

With all the snow, wind and power outages, the situation may be difficult, but as it turns out, it can be propitious for adrenaline buffs. Todor Deliev is just such a thrill-seeker, who, inspired by the snow-clad meadows above Dobrogled village near..

published on 11/28/23 11:26 AM

The Bulgarian national flag at Borovets hill near Yambol resort temporarily put down due to bad weather

The national flag on the Borovets hill will be temporarily taken down due to the coming winter months and the lowering of temperatures, announced the Municipality of Yambol. The Bulgarian flag measuring 11 by 18 meters was raised on a fifty-five meter..

published on 11/27/23 12:07 PM

The Danube German-Bulgarian association with pre-Christmas celebration in Dusseldorf

December comes with the anticipation of holiday season and spending time with family and friends. At the beginning of December, the Bulgarians living in Dusseldorf, Germany, around 5,000 in number and growing, are looking forward to a special holiday..

published on 11/27/23 7:55 AM

Austrian Christmas traditions presented in Bulgaria's Burgas

Old-style Christmas toys with a rich and interesting history can be seen for the first time in Bulgaria. They are part of the exhibition "How Christmas is celebrated in Austria" on display at the Ethnographic Museum of Burgas. The initiator of the event..

published on 11/25/23 10:10 AM

The 15th "Young Wine Parade" kicks off in Plovdiv

The first barrel of young wine from the 2023 harvest was opened in Plovdiv, marking the beginning of the 15th edition of the "Young Wine Parade".   Then an actor portraying Dionysus, the god of wine, led the procession to the Old Town. It was..

published on 11/24/23 6:13 PM

Balkan Developments

Dictionary of Serbian and Albanian words that do not need translation has been created "Democracy", "tradition", "propaganda", "battery", "epidemic", "komshii" (neighbors) - these are some of the words that do not need..

published on 11/24/23 4:13 PM

The discrete ravages of corruption

In Bulgaria there are laws, the toolbox is there, but it is not being used, says Bernard Vatier, chairman of the Paris Bar. The International Bar Association Conference (CIB) he is chairman of initiated a conference in Sofia with a focus on fighting..

published on 11/24/23 2:55 PM

Bulgarian folklore on show at charity bazaar in Dublin

The Chemshir Folk Dance Club from Armagh, children dancers from the Rayna Knyaginya School and Gabriela Ivanova singing Bulgarian folk songs presented Bulgarian folklore at an international charity bazaar in Dublin, Ireland.  The participation of..

published on 11/23/23 5:07 PM

Goodbye private tutoring! ChatGPT is gaining ground in Bulgarian schools

Teachers in Bulgaria increasingly resort to artificial intelligence (AI) in their daily work with students. As a specialist in the subject, Dobroslav Dimitrov from the Bulgarian Association of Software Companies, together with his partners, already..

published on 11/23/23 11:28 AM

Twitchers and nature lovers invited to Durankulak Lake for an encounter with rare bird species

For the second year in a row, the town of Shabla in north-eastern Bulgaria is hosting a bird-watching event. The Shabla and the Birds festival will draw attention to the conservation of rare and endangered feathered species that winter in..

published on 11/23/23 6:20 AM