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Gallup: GERB-SDS wins parliamentary elections in Bulgaria

| updated on 4/4/21 9:10 PM

Results of the exit polls by Gallup polling agency, partner of the Bulgarian National Radio, show that voter turnout by the end of election day at 20:00 was 48.1%. Data show the following distribution of votes after the parliamentary elections in this country on April 4, 2021:

  • “GERB-SDS”: 24.5 %;
  • "There Are Such People: 17%;
  • “BSP for Bulgaria”: 16.8%;
  • "Democratic Bulgaria": 10.6%;
  • "Movement for Rights and Freedoms": 10.4%;
  • "Stand up! Thugs out!”: 5.1%;
  • VMRO: 4.4%;
  • Bulgarian National Unity - BNO: 2.3%;
  • "Vazrazhdane": 2.2%;
  • Volya-NFSB: 2.2%;
  • "Republicans for Bulgaria": 1.5%;
  • "Ataka": 1.1%;
  • Others (total): 1.9%.

2% of voters checked the "I do not support anyone" option.

A total of 30 parties and coalitions have taken part in the competition for seats in the new Bulgarian National Assembly. Nearly 7,000 candidates compete for 240 seats.

Parties and coalitions that manage to overcome the 4-percent threshold will enter the National Assembly.

See the distribution of seats between parties and coalitions crossing the barrier, according to the latest exit poll by Gallup. According to the results, 7 parties will be represented in parliament.

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