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President's consultations on formation of Bulgaria's next government are over

| updated on 4/19/21 5:41 PM
President Rumen Radev and Vice-president Iliana Yotova star consultations with parliamentary parties on forming new cabinet
Photo: BGNES

Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev began consultations with members of the political forces represented at the 45th National Assembly about the formation of new government.

"The complicated security environment, the Covid-19 pandemic and the introduction of an effective sustainability plan in a timely manner require effective governance. Meanwhile, the government has resigned and this country’s Premier is on leave. Operational and responsible actions are needed to form a cabinet," said Bulgaria’s head of state Rumen Radev. President Radev began today’s consultations with the representatives of the largest parliamentary group GERB/SDS.

President Radev welcoming the representatives of GERB/SDS coalition
"As a responsible party, we have stated that being the first political force, we have a duty to nominate a cabinet that will be able to start functioning as soon as possible," said the Chairperson of the Parliamentary group of GERB/SDS Desislava Atanasova.

President Radev also held consultations with the second-biggest political force in Bulgaria’s National Assembly- "There is Such a People."

Presidential consultations starting with the representatives of There is Such a People
"The eyes of Bulgarians are on you. GERB party has clearly expressed its readiness to form a cabinet. The MPs will say whether it will happen. If GERB’s government is not accepted, the responsibility will fall on you," added President Radev.

“We would announce our intentions after receiving a mandate to form a government”, announced the Deputy Chairman of "There is Such a People" party Toshko Yordanov after the consultations with President Radev. 

"We will support a cabinet of the second-biggest political force "There is Such a People" if they invite us for consultations", said the Chairperson of the Bulgarian Socialist Party Kornelia Ninova during the consultations with Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev.

President Tumen Radev talking to the representatves of the BSP
"We believe that it is necessary to form a stable government taking into account the social, economic and health crisis in Bulgaria," said Kornelia Ninova. "BSP would support a government of "There is Such a People" party under 4 conditions – if this cabinet takes urgent steps to overcome the economic and health crisis, begins a thoroughgoing review of GERB’s government, prepares a recovery and development plan and makes changes to the electoral legislation", added Kornelia Ninova.

The Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) has confirmed to President Radev that their party is ready to support a new cabinet of the three new political forces in parliament  – "There is Such a People" ITN), Democratic Bulgaria and "Stand up! Thugs out!".
MRF chairman Mustafa Karadaya and party representatives start consultations with President Rumen Radev
"We expect that the programs and priorities of the candidates for prime minister and government would soon be presented,"  MRF chairman Mustafa Karadaya said. He clarified that among the priorities the MRF would insist on are the fight against the Covid crisis, including socio-economic measures and accelerated vaccination roll out, the preparation of the National Recovery and Sustainability Plan and the preparation of the state for the next operational period.

According to chairman of the parliamentary group of "Democratic Bulgaria" Hristo Ivanov, there could be a strong and stable government only with a mandate of "There Is Such a People" / ITN /. This is what he said during consultations with President Radev: "Those who wanted a change have chosen ITN with hopes for new government and we are ready for responsible and constructive talks," Hristo Ivanov said.

Hristo Ivanov from Democratic Bulgaria talking to President Radev during today's consultations
According to him, "Democratic Bulgaria" had no reason to expect a possible mandate to form a government, as it is the fifth largest parliamentary group. Ivanov said that the option for early elections was also possible.

The "Stand up! Thugs out!" coalition would support a government with the participation of parties of the protest - "There Is Such a People" and "Democratic Bulgaria", but not one nominated by the GERB party of Boyko Borissov. This was what co-chair of the parliamentary group Maya Manolova said during the consultations with the President.

Consultations with Stand up!Thugs out!
According to her, "people expect the formation of a stable cabinet that will support ordinary citizens, Bulgarian business and restore confidence in Bulgarian institutions."

"Stand up! Thugs out!” was the last parliamentary formation which President Rumen Radev met. Tomorrow, the head of state is to hand over a mandate to the largest parliamentary group - GERB-UDF.

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