Butterfly festival near the Polsko-Skakavishki Waterfall in Bulgaria


The thunder of falling water and the fluttering flight of butterflies - nature can truly make jokes, showing both its fearsome and tender face. Near the Polsko-Skakavishki Waterfall in Zemen Mountain, which is a paradise for butterflies, locals have been preparing for their traditional summer holiday in order to saturate their senses with beauty, but also to remind us how important it is to preserve natural treasures around us.

The Butterfly Festival will attract nature lovers on July 6 in the village of Polska Skakavitsa near the town of Kyustendil, where a beautiful waterfall is located. According to traditional beliefs, Bulgaria’s patron saint Ivan Rilski spent nine years in the region. Researcher of Bulgarian history, Konstantin Josef Jireček described the region as one of the most beautiful places on the Balkans. Bulgaria’s beloved artist Vladimir Dimitrov - the Master also drew the landscape numerous times in the past.

“The waterfall is about 50-meter-high deep and it is among the top ten highest Bulgarian waterfalls,” says Neli Petkova from the Education Directorate of the Kyustendil Municipality. "Over time, most waterfalls are lowering their height, but this does not apply to the Polsko-Skakavishki Waterfall – here the situation is the opposite. It is the only waterfall in Bulgaria that is rising in height because of limestone in the water. On the terrace near the natural phenomenon the “Waterfall” neighborhood of the village of Polska Skakavitsa is situated, while the Orthodox Church of St. Demetrius is situated very close to the waterfall.”

The Butterfly Festival will be opened at 9.00 am in the yard of the former school in the village with the participation of children from the Kyustendil municipality, who will be participating in various amusing activities and competitions.

In the afternoon, the most attractive part of the festival - the Butterfly Carnival, in which children will be dressed in special costumes, will take place. The best costumes will receive awards, of course. There are also educational games and handicraft workshops planned, while the Bulgarian Mountain Rescue Service and the Red Cross will be demonstrating their activities to the children. At the end, the Rusty String rock band will have a concert. In addition to the festive mood, people would probably also pay attention to the message of preserving natural heritage and traditions of the area.

“In addition to butterflies, the region is rich in various plant and fish species,” Neli Petkova says. “There are hundreds of plants that are unique to this area and some are protected, like the orchids. It is all very beautiful in the spring - then the lilacs bloom and the waterfall becomes a paradise. It is also the only place where five different species of swallows can be found. But butterflies are the most famous here. There are 600 species of nightlife butterflies and more than 150 species of butterflies preferring daylight. It is important to know that different species of butterflies use certain types of plants for food. That's why the preservation of this wealth depends on all of us, the people, because if the plants disappeared, the butterflies would also disappear.”

One can come visit the festival by train or a car and then on foot. The area is also accessible to people with disabilities.

English: Al. Markov

Photos:facebook.com/peperudifest, library and Irina Skenderska

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