Fun and sports in the focus of the first adventure festival in Borovets


Young and old alike took part in the new festival in Borovets on July 20 and 21, dedicated to mountain adventure. The festival programme featured an array of activities for the advanced athletes, but also for beginners. Alexandra Ayvazova, member of the team of organizers describes the festival events:

“Over the weekend we organized hot air balloon flights and people were able to get a bird’s eye view of Mount Rila. On both days we had mountain biking workshopsin three levels. The first was along a family track, suitable for beginners and for families with children. There was downhill extreme biking, and we had people with no downhill experience. They were able to make their first attempts with an instructor, free of charge. There was also rock climbing – again for beginners and for people who have done it before. Outdoor yoga was an activity targeted at the people seeking to take time out and relax up in the mountain. Children took part in a really fun and competitive cycling race along a track we had prepared especially for them. For them we also had a rope park. The festival also included archery for children and for adults with prizes. We also had a visit from the mountain rescue service and their dogs. The rescuers offered advice on how to keep safe in the mountain. The festival was joined by one of the most popular bloggers Ellie Ivanova who presented her book – “52 eco trails for everyone.”

The main aim of the first adventure festival in Borovets was to make fun and sports in the mountain accessible to one and all – whatever their skills or interests. That this aim has been achieved is evident from the positive feedback the organizers have been getting. That is why they are getting ready for the next edition of the adventure festival, says Alexandra Ayvazova:

“It is our intention to make the festival an annual event about everything to do with the mountain and outdoor activities. Our ambition is to add more activities next year so that more people can join in. We want to have more fun and games for children in the high reaches of the mountain.”

But why was the winter resort of Borovets chosen to host a festival such as this?

“As a matter of fact the resort originally came into being as a summer destination. We all know how enticing it is for winter adventure during the cold months of the year. But it can offer a great deal of different activities in summer too, as well as a great holiday outdoors. Borovets offers splendid opportunities for all kinds of activities – cycling, climbing, hiking, sports, games… In combination with its unique location – 60 kilometres from Sofia – and the surrounding nature, Borovets really is a superb holiday destination. And the resort is just as active in summer as it is in winter which makes it a perfect location for a festival like this.”

Photos: Adventure Fest Borovets 2019

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